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  • Navigate

    When using Pozi on the desktop, use the mouse to click and drag the map to pan, and use the mouse-wheel to scroll in and out. To quickly zoom to a particular location, hold down the Shift key while cl

  • Welcome to Pozi

    Pozi is an online application for answering location-based enquiries. The browser-based viewer makes it easy for staff and the public to access a wealth of information about properties, assets, commun

  • Analytics

    Overview Detailed analytics are available for administrators to view on demand. Pozi sends a search event type and a datasource event type to Google Analytics. About Google Analytics Events. These eve

  • QGIS - Importing Georeferenced Images

    This article relates to importing images from Pozi into QGIS.   In the tools menu of Pozi it is possible to save the displayed map as an image: When selected, the option to "Save map as image" will sa

  • Pozi Connect Installation

    Pre-Installation tasks Server provisioning (by site IT rep) - We recommend provisioning a new virtual server with Windows Server 2019. - Pozi Connect installs as a Windows Service and has no

  • Cloud Sync

    Cloud Sync is a Pozi Enterprise feature which allows organisations to publish internally-maintained datasets to, with the published version remaining in sync with the local copy. Geospatial datasets w