Detailed analytics are available for administrators to view on demand.

Pozi sends a search event type and a datasource event type to Google Analytics. About Google Analytics Events. These events can be viewed in isolation to determine usage, or in combination to identify various behaviours. Here are a couple of examples:

Pozi Widget Number of Address Searches performed:

Data Source Searches:

Accessing your Analytics Details

The first thing you need to do is contact and provide an email address that is linked to a Google account. You will then be provided with a customised link to access your organisation’s analytics page.

Once you have access to your analytics page you can refer to the Analytics Help page for a brief summary of how to navigate to your account, property and view.

The Analytics Help page will guide you to Sign in to Google Analytics, and then provide you with some Admin page assistance to guide you through the ACCOUNT | PROPERTY | VIEW menus:

Examples of Information which can be viewed

So, to get started you could navigate to the Event Count. To do this, under the Reports section on the left side you select BEHAVIOUR to expand it, then Events to expand it, then Top Events to get a breakdown of the top events. Under the graph you will see the Event Category table, and the item we are interested in is within the Useraction category, so select that:

This will bring you to the Event Action table, where you can see a total count of the number of times someone did an Address search, which in this case was 438 times in the past 7 days:

Another Example

When there is a datasource configured on the widget you can get a breakdown of the specific search counts by looking at the datagovau event.

To get to this information, you would select Pages (under Top Events on the left side), then select the widget from the Page list (there is normally only one):

This will bring you again to the Event Category table, and this time the item we are interested is within the Data category, so select that:

This will take you to the Event Action table where the only item is Ajax request, so select that:

This will take to you to the Event Label table. It will show the specific datagovau data source that was queried. There are several in this table, of which only the top one has been highlighted. In the example used above you will see that the CKANID ending in 93c3 was queried 551 times:

At this point, if you had concerns about a particular datasource your current best course of action would be to contact Groundtruth on and provide the corresponding Event Label details.