Welcome to Pozi

Pozi is an online application for answering location-based enquiries. The browser-based viewer makes it easy for staff and the public to access a wealth of information about properties, assets, community facilities and more through simple search and navigation controls.In one map, you can view up-to-date information from DataVic, DELWP Image Web Server, data.gov.au, NationalMap, Google, HERE, OpenStreetMap and your organisation’s own corporate databases.

For users:

  • navigate and search the map with ease
  • interact without having to select options from toolbars or complex menus
  • use mobile-friendly features like GPS-location and pinch to zoom
  • bookmark frequently-used layers
  • share customised maps with other users
  • view embedded media such as photos, videos and Google StreetView

The reasons for implementing Pozi go beyond ease-of-use:

  • direct integration with Vicmap web services: administrators spend less time on processing base data updates
  • mobile friendly design: staff, management and councillors can take Pozi with them to meetings, presentations and out in the field, whether they are using a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • performance: Pozi loads in the browser in seconds
  • public-facing map: deliver property-specific information directly to residents in a way that informs and engages them; residents can access a wealth of information about their own property such as their waste collection day and planning zones, and also discover nearby community facilities and associated information
  • embed custom maps directly in the organisation's webpages