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  • Share

    Link Your current map view can be captured as a link and shared, such as sending in an email. Anyone who clicks on this link will see your saved map view and interact with Pozi to further explore the

  • Property Location Sharing

    Sharing a Property Location Users of  Pozi Pro have the added benefit of being able to provide a quick mapped link to a known property number. The URL format to use is as follows:   https://westwimmer

  • Embedded Maps

    Customised Pozi maps can be embedded in your organisation’s web pages using a standard HTML iframe. Copy the link of the desired map from your browser's address bar or by clicking the Share button

  • Google Sheets & Forms

    Google Sheets provides a convenient alternative for Pozi users to publish data to the web. The convenience is that the data is in a form of a spreadsheet which will be familiar to everyday users. As w

  • Print

    You can generate a PDF document of your current map view and feature selection to share or print. Click the tools button at the top left, then Print. Pozi will generate a PDF file which will usually b

  • Welcome to Pozi

    Pozi is an online application for answering location-based enquiries. The browser-based viewer makes it easy for staff and the public to access a wealth of information about properties, assets, commun

  • Pozi Connect Installation

    Pre-Installation tasks Server provisioning (by site IT rep) - We recommend provisioning a new virtual server with Windows Server 2019. - Pozi Connect installs as a Windows Service and has no