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  • Layer Styling

    By default, Pozi will display layers using generic colours and symbols. Here are options to make your layers more meaningful to users. Styling Vector Points Map layers of a small number of point featu

  • GeoJSON Embedded Styling and Labelling

    Geojson datasets can have embedded styling information. This provides the dataset owner the option of managing the styling by creating and populating predefined attributes, to the extent that each

  • Creating a simple layer

    Pozi typically displays map layers from existing government and commercial web services, or from GIS layers uploaded by clients to data portals such as But what if you want to add a simpl

  • GIS Integration

    Available as an add-on module on Pozi Enterprise plans. Pozi’s GIS Integration module enables local users on your organisation’s network to view and interrogate internally maintained GIS map layers wi

  • Configuring Local Dataset (using a VRT file)

    This article is only relevant for Pozi Enterprise clients who are hosting datasets within their own network for internal use only. Introduction Datasets which are hosted internally are usually made

  • Explore

    Use the layer control to add map layers to the map Click the layer control button: Click on a layer name or click the checkbox to add it to the map:

  • Data Publishing to

    Datasets can be uploaded to for subsequent publishing in Pozi, but there are a few important points to note. 1. Registering with For detail information about how to join the po

  • Aerial Imagery

    Any aerial imagery that your organisation has acquired through the Coordinated Imagery Programme (CIP) is available to display in Pozi. Provide Groundtruth with your council’s Image Web Server usernam

  • QGIS - Importing Georeferenced Images

    This article relates to importing images from Pozi into QGIS.   In the tools menu of Pozi it is possible to save the displayed map as an image: When selected, the option to "Save map as image" will sa

  • Google Sheets & Forms

    Google Sheets provides a convenient alternative for Pozi users to publish data to the web. The convenience is that the data is in a form of a spreadsheet which will be familiar to everyday users. As w

  • Analytics

    Overview Detailed analytics are available for administrators to view on demand. Pozi sends a search event type and a datasource event type to Google Analytics. About Google Analytics Events. These eve

  • Embedded Maps

    Customised Pozi maps can be embedded in your organisation’s web pages using a standard HTML iframe. Copy the link of the desired map from your browser's address bar or by clicking the Share button

  • Privacy Pop-up

    Available for * Database Integration  and GIS Integration modules To remind internal users of their obligations to comply with privacy policies, Pozi will display a message box that requires users who

  • Widget - using data with no WFS endpoint

    Available for Pozi Pro and Pozi Enterprise subscribers. Introduction This article describes using a Pozi Widget when the data behind the Widget is not stored on, or is not available as a

  • Bookmark

    Your browser's address bar keeps track of the current status of Pozi, including the map position, any layers you've turned on, and what panels are currently open. If you want Pozi to open up with a pa

  • Pozi Packages

    Packages: Pozi Basic Pozi Pro Pozi Enterprise Contact to find out the best package for your organisation. Modules Groundtruth offers additional modules for Pozi to enable st

  • Introduction

    Welcome to Pozi. Pozi is a valuable information resource for your organisation’s staff and the public. It offers: direct integration with third-party web services: administrators spend less time on pr

  • Welcome to Pozi

    Pozi is an online application for answering location-based enquiries. The browser-based viewer makes it easy for staff and the public to access a wealth of information about properties, assets, commun