Pozi's GPS function enables you to centre the map at your current location.

If you are on a mobile device, the app will use your device's in-built GPS to zoom the map to your current location.

Important note:

The positional accuracy when using Safari on an iOS device (iPad/iPhone) can be unreliable in built-up areas due to the way the iOS and Safari interact to obtain positioning. Safari will try to use a nearby WIFI signal wherever possible to maximise battery life, but the consequence can be significantly reduced accuracy.  This can occur even if WIFI is turned off on the device.  Details of this issue can be found at

It is suggested that if positional accuracy is of high importance, Chrome should be used in preference to Safari on iOS devices.

Using the GPS Function

To protect your privacy, Pozi's GPS function works only on the secure version of the site. Ensure that your browser address bar shows a green padlock and the Pozi URL starting with https. For example,

(Users who are connected to a network that uses unsecured internal resources (eg, a property or asset management system) will not be able to use the GPS function. If you cannot see the GPS button, disconnect from the network and reload the page with the https:// prefix.)

Click the GPS button in the left side of the map.

The browser will prompt you with a request for your permission to allow Pozi to access your location. Accept the request to enable the browser to use the GPS function.

Pozi will zoom the map to the location given by the browser's location service and make a selection on the map. You may click the GPS button again at any time to obtain an updated position.


If you are outdoors or in a car with a clear view of the sky, the device's GPS should be able to locate you on the map within a few metres.

If you are using a device without GPS capabilities or you are indoors, the location will be less reliable. It may only locate the map to the nearest street, locality or city.


Users of Pozi Pro sites have the option to use Pozi's 'follow' function. Your location is constantly updated and displayed on the map as your position changes.

To activate the follow function, click on the GPS button as normal. For several seconds afterwards, the Follow button will appear underneath the GPS button. Click the Follow button to active. The GPS button will flash to indicate that it is now tracking your location.

To stop following, click the GPS button. The button icon will stop flashing. To reactivate the follow function, click the GPS button again, and then click the Follow button.

Please note that the follow function uses more battery power than normal operation. Be aware of your battery level if you plan to use it for extended periods of time.

If you do not see the Follow button appear, your site has not be enabled for Pozi Pro. Talk to your administrator about upgrading your site to Pozi Pro.