Welcome to Pozi.

Pozi is a valuable information resource for your organisation’s staff and the public. It offers:

  • direct integration with third-party web services: administrators spend less time on processing base data updates
  • mobile friendly design: staff, management and councillors can take Pozi with them to meetings, presentations and out in the field, whether they are using a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • performance: Pozi loads in the browser in seconds
  • public-facing map: deliver property-specific information directly to residents in a way that informs and engages them; residents can access a wealth of information about their own property such as their waste collection day and planning zones, and also discover nearby community facilities and associated information
  • embed custom maps directly in the organisation's webpages

This document provides your organisation’s designated ‘administrator’ with an overview of the Pozi ecosystem and outlines the basic requirements from the organisation for keeping Pozi up-to-date and relevant for their users.

Clients are not responsible for directly configuring the Pozi application. Instead, Groundtruth does the necessary configuration based on requests from the organisation's administrator. Adding new layers and basic configuration updates are included in the subscription service. Requests can be sent to